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We are the only ones with a business model that encourages farming entrepreneurship in rural areas. Our partnerships with local businesses meet the needs of farms and generate wealth in rural areas.

- Sébastien Léveillé, Executive Vice-President of La Coop fédérée and Chief Executive Officer of Sollio Agriculture

The Agri-business Division of La Coop fédérée officially becomes Sollio Agriculture
Sollio Agriculture affirms its Canada-wide presence to better support the prosperity of farming families

By consolidating animal production, vegetable production, and grain marketing, we offer our producers tools to help them make the most of their business.

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retailers and facilities across Canada

Meat Processing

We are present across the entire processing chain. Our employees help feed Quebecers daily with premium pork and poultry products.

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65 countries

export destinations

Over the years, Olymel has been able to renew itself steadily to continue meeting the challenges of our society. These positive results would not be possible without the collaboration of our employees, who have demonstrated commitment, generosity, and flexibility for more than 25 years.

- Réjean Nadeau, CEO

Olymel marche contre la faim pour Moisson Maskoutaine
La Marche Olymel vise à mobiliser plus de 2 500 employés d’Olymel pour soutenir la banque alimentaire Moisson Maskoutaine.
Olymel Wins Prize at 2017  Pork Show
Olymel received a Prix de reconnaissance de la filière porcine in the Supplier/Processor category at the 4th  edition of the Pork Show.


We use everything at our disposal to help our clients make even their smallest renovation projects a reality and offer them the best shopping experience thanks to the informed and tailored advice of our experts. This has been our strength for over 50 years!

– Pascal  Houle, Chief Executive Officer 

Andréane has poultry farming in her blood
Andréane Benoit never had a career plan. After dance, theatre, and the arts, she finally took a leap of faith and decided on poultry farming.
The mysterious aspargus!

From cultivating to marketing, other vegetables have nothing on asparagus.

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Our experts serve renovators and builders of all types and strive every day to provide the best products at the best prices to make BMR Group the industry’s benchmark.

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